Grow you business as a connected organisation

A good customer relations management (CRM) system should do more than just track communications with existing customers and new prospects. At E-Bit Systems, we offer CRM solutions that allows you to collaborate throughout the customer life cycle, giving you at-a-glance information that can translate into sales along with marketing, business development, customer service and support.

The CRM spans a range of activities, starting with new customer acquisition through generating quality leads, tailoring marketing campaigns to targeted lists, measuring campaigns and tracking information such as sales won or lost. It streamlines customer service through centrally located storage of account information and other administrative functions. The system helps businesses retain customers by keeping customer information up to date, and automating workflows to deliver faster and more personal messages. Finally, the CRM system can even grow your customer base by providing a holistic view of the customer that aids target marketing endeavours, and gives businesses actionable insights through dashboards and reports.


Our CRM is a holistic, integrated package that meets all your needs.

Acquire new customers more effectively.

Our tailor-designed CRM system helps businesses shorten their sales cycle, increase field productivity, improve campaign results, make informed decisions on future initiatives, and project revenue more accurately.

Provide your customers with a better level of service.

The CRM makes it simpler and quicker to resolve at first contact, provide consistent customer experiences, achieve performance targets and increase customer face time.

Retain customers through effective communications.

By centrally tracking, analysing and storing a range of customer information, the CRM system helps you drive repeat business, build customer intimacy, boost brand loyalty and increase customer satisfaction without missing a beat.

Grow customers by harnessing sales opportunities.

E-Bit Systems’ CRM solutions help businesses capitalise on cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, build profitable customer relationships and seize on more opportunities within your customer base.

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