Infrastructure platform comparison for Private Cloud solutions

For the Technophiles …. There is a very large selection of cloud-based infrastructure available today. Do a Google search, and you will be amazed how many folks are offering these services. It feels like a crowded space, filled with confusing offerings. I came across the table below, which goes a long way towards helping me [...]

Defining your Private cloud strategy

I have had an interesting few weeks working with various cloud-based infrastructure providers. Everyone seems to do things slightly differently, unless you are going to go outright with a private cloud where the hardware has been set up to your specification. There are nuances of technology, setup, automation and levels of service and support that vary.

Vendor offerings & suitability for Private Cloud solutions

This overview of cloud platforms reviewed is an evolving post, so make sure to check back for updates. To test each platform, we created a few windows servers, set up a domain, VPN access, terminal servers, virtual desktops, ERP accounting system, email solution and also sampled their MS SBS. Here are our comments on the experience we had with each.

How much bandwidth and latency does your cloud service need?

When the virtual servers sits in the cloud, it forces us to reconsider how the customer experience would be affected. Will the service provider have a big enough pipe to service all those requests? And if you don’t have a dedicated setup for your virtual data centre, then what could be the impact?

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